FC Valencia

Club Shield – A Symbol of Leadership


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Olive Branches (Wreath): In ancient Greece wreaths were awarded to victors in athletic competitions, the Romans used them as symbols of martial victory, crowning a successful commander. Today, we use a combination of the wreath (connecting of two olive branches) and a version depicted as a horseshoe shape which more often represents the “laurel wreath”. These symbols serve as our commitment to the athletes, volunteers, and the community we show our allegiance.

Three Stars: Each and every element of our logo symbolizes our pride, commitment, and steadfast dedication to FC Valencia. The three stars, which sit at the top of the logo, represent our founders. Without their sacrifice and hard working nature none of this would be possible. Coincidently our philosophy and mantra of the club is also represented with the three stars together signifying strength in numbers.

Cougar: Cougars have always been a symbol of leadership without ego, natural leaders. The cougar in the FC Valencia logo represents our strength, courage, self-confidence, and balance of power. We walk our talk and lead by example.