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“TDP” Technical Development Program
 (What is TDP & why is it an important part of player development?)

Our Technical Development Program (TDP) runs generally on Thursday’s, unless scheduling conflicts occur.


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Club TDP Training Groups  Session Times Day
All Age Groups 5:00 – 6:15 PM Thurs.



What is TDP?

FC Valencia provides an exceptional skills training program each week for ALL club players. This program is tailored for our competitive players and expands their skills and comfort around various aspects of the game. These sessions are included with your club registration but run separately from our standard team training sessions each player receives with their head coach. TDP allows us to target technical components of player skill development which are difficult to include in standard team training sessions. Our club continuously looks for ways to strengthen our player training. TDP is one example of our commitment to player development. TDP allows us to recognize areas that our players may need additional work. Our vision of player development always is at the forefront of our training.

Technical Development Program

TDP additional notes:

  1. Attendance; All players are expected to participate in club-wide TDP.
  2. Development; TDP is a key component of our developmental process for each player and team.
  3. Age Group Interaction; we purposely segment our skill trainings to allow age appropriate instruction to players.
  4. Curriculum; TDP provides for player-centric skill enhancement, each session includes exercises and topics which are difficult to include in normal “team” training sessions.

TDP will boost confidence by improving aspects of each player’s game. It’s important for us to develop quality players and to ensure our athletes build a solid foundation. As we grow as a club, our goal has always been to help satisfy the ambitions of these young athletes. We are rewarded by their hard work and dedication.

Player’s are required to bring the following:

  • Each player should bring their own soccer ball.
  • Each player should wear their navy blue training kit (no exceptions).
  • Arrive on time (each player should arrive 10 min prior to training time).

Program Duration: The TDP Program will be executed over two 10-week training sessions, each with deliberate start and finish dates to help prepare teams for their next development cycle.